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Welcome to the SOLBET Platform - a pioneering force in the decentralized gaming world. At SOLBET, we are more than just a platform; we are a vibrant community united by a passion for innovative gaming, equitable rewards, and the empowerment of our users through the $SOLBET token.

Our ecosystem is rich with opportunities, from thrilling casino games to rewarding staking mechanisms. With SOLBET, you are not just participating; you are contributing to the forefront of decentralized gaming. This guide will navigate you through the essence of SOLBET, including an in-depth look at our Casino, Tokenomics, our ambitious Roadmap and much more.

Embark on this journey with us, as we explore the endless possibilities within the SOLBET ecosystem. Together, let's redefine what it means to engage with decentralized gaming.


At SOLBET, games are the heart of our platform, designed to ensure fairness and security for all players. Utilizing the Gamba on-chain Program, each game is verified to prevent unfair advantages, guaranteeing an equitable gaming experience.


Every game within the SOLBET ecosystem is initiated by the player, typically through a frontend application. The structure of a game revolves around three key components:

  • pool - The liquidity pool (and its associated token) utilized for the game.
  • wager - The amount of tokens staked by the player to commence the game.
  • bet - An array representing potential outcomes or multipliers, determining the game's rewards.


The essence of each game lies in its outcomes, expressed through potential multipliers within the bet. A random selection from this array, post-game initiation, is multiplied by the wagered amount to calculate the player's winnings.

// Example: Simulating a coin toss
const coinTossBet = [2, 0]; // 2x multiplier or nothing

Provably Fair RNG

SOLBET champions transparency and trust through provably fair gaming. The outcome of each game is determined by:

  • rng_seed - A random number seed provided by Gamba's RNG Provider.
  • client_seed - A customizable seed from the player's client, ensuring result variability.
  • nonce - A sequential number that increments with each game, further randomizing outcomes.

This system guarantees that every game outcome is randomly generated and verifiable, reinforcing our commitment to fairness and integrity in decentralized gaming.

// Provably fair result calculation
const result = calculateResult(rng_seed, client_seed, nonce, bet);

For more information or to test RNG, please refer to our Provability Explained


At the core of the SOLBET ecosystem, the $SOLBET token plays a pivotal role in fueling our decentralized platform, serving as the backbone for governance, incentive alignment, and seamless value transfer among participants.

With a total supply capped at 1 billion tokens, $SOLBET's design is aimed at preventing inflation, ensuring value stability, and fostering ecosystem growth on the Solana blockchain. This strategic allocation supports platform development, marketing efforts, liquidity pools, and community rewards.

The SOLBET token ecosystem is meticulously structured to promote long-term sustainability and platform engagement, rewarding our community members, stakeholders, and contributors.

  • Team: 5%
  • Investors: 20%
  • Staking Rewards: 15%
  • Community Initiatives: 20%
  • Liquidity Pool: 40%

Key Benefits & Features

Holding $SOLBET tokens unlocks a myriad of benefits, from governance participation and exclusive game access to special promotions and yield-earning opportunities through staking in liquidity pools.

Our commitment to economic stability is underscored by a lock on SOLBET token minting post-initial issuance, ensuring a predictable and finite supply that secures the token’s value.

Furthermore, SOLBET liquidity pool tokens are safeguarded within smart contracts for predefined periods, reinforcing market liquidity and ecosystem trust.

Trading & Liquidity

Trading $SOLBET tokens is swift and efficient on several decentralized exchanges (DEXs) within the Solana ecosystem, courtesy of Solana's high throughput and minimal transaction fees.

This ecosystem design not only facilitates accessibility and liquidity for token holders but also solidifies $SOLBET as a cornerstone of the decentralized web, powering the SOLBET platform's ambitious vision.

For more information on $SOLBET, please visit About Us